NFC Bluetooth In-wall Sound Reactive Led Music Player

Introduction: NFC Bluetooth In-wall Sound Reactive Led Music Player

Bluetooth stereo with sound reactive LED strip built into wall activated by Nfc tag or just playing music (Nfc isn't necessary but comes in handy)
NFC chip sits next to the magnetic wall mount so when you place the phone, tablet or whatever you have on it, it automatically connects to the bluetooth speaker, opens the music player, turns the volume to max and plays music. As Soon as the music starts so do the lights.
You can program the chip to do many things
I wanted to be able to put the phone on the wall and have it all happen for me

Video (

For this project I used
- a magic mount from walmart for around $12
- a bluetooth speaker ( any would work)
- an Nfc tag (prices vary everywhere and I believe you can only purchase them online
- led strip from radioshack for around $30
- tip31 from radioshack for around $2
- dc jack and plug

For tools
if you want to open up the speaker and put everything possible inside then you will need a solder gun/iron and solder
wire strippers
screwdriver to open it
really it all depends on what you have and how you want it to come out in the end

Step 1: Bluetooth Speaker in Wall

I put the speaker in the wall with outlets wired behind the wall ( not necessary for project but I had the wall down anyway) that way there wouldn't be any wires showing. there are many ways of doing this, I used very thin boards and made a box to fit the speaker with room on each side for different things then ran the wires through a hole in the back wich was aligned with the power jack.

Step 2: Tip31

The base (left) ( goes to audio) and the collector (middle)( goes to one side of LED) should each have one wire and the emitter (right)( goes to one side of power and other side of audio) should have two wires.
You can put positive or negative to the emitter as long as you put the same polarity of the led on the collector.

Step 3: Adding the Tip31 and Connections Inside

I opened the speaker and figured out what audio connections to use, where to place the tip31 and where to put the jack so that it could all be unplugged if I wanted to add anything else
I used the subwoofer connections for the audio because they gave out a stronger amount of sound/light
With the tip31 inside there were two connections that needed to come out of the speaker ( the collector and half of the power source)
For this I added a DC jack
There was enough space right next to the speaker's power supply jack so I put it there as you can see before and after in the picture

Step 4: Lights

I put the led strip above the speaker with double sided tape and pushed some staples in just to keep them secure for a long length of time to come
If You use a staple gun you may damage the leds

Step 5: Mount and NFC

For this I used a magic mount from walmart and an nfc tagged programmed to enable bluetooth then connect to the speaker then open the media player on the phone then turn the volume to max then start playing the music

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