Introduction: NFC Car Door Control

How to control your car door with a smartphone, an NFC ring or a badge?

With this tutorial, you will be able to build your own NFC doors control with a Keyduino or an NFC shield and a relay shield.

Note that you can use a BLE shield instead, but use an NFC ring to unlock your car is really cool.

code and files

You can find the code for the smartphone in attached files. the APK and the KeyDuino files (you can use it with an NFC shield connected on HSU):

And the code with a badge/NFC ring is on the KeyDuino lib (example>relay shield).


Also when I use my normal key to lock my car (407 Peugeot), I cannot use the central unlocking anymore. So you will need to lock the doors by the NFC system. It's a basic project so there are no consumption management and the security is based on a NDEF password.


I currently work on an improved prototype with a BLE+NFC board directlyon the car handle (flexible pcb for the NFC antenna). Keep in touch for the WIP project :).


1x KeyDuino or a NFC shield

1x Relay shield

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