Introduction: NFC Gift Box for Birthday Party

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Last month I made an interactive device as a gift for my friend Steven's birthday. It is a NFC enable gift box that requires activation of 12 constellations to open it.

I even design a game for that. Every party participants will receive a snow flake badge with a name of constellation and NFC tag on it. If the constellation is activated, LED and D sound will be triggered as an indication. I won't announce the rule of the game and let them figure out themselves. For instance, some participants might have same badges which would be possible to activate an constellation if it is already done by others. When the 12 constellations are activated, the door of the gift box will be open. So Steven will be able to get his gift and share with friends eventually.

Step 1: List

Step 2: Design and Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting the board using the Design Drawing1&2.

Laser Cutting the acrylic using the Design Drawing3.

Step 3: Make a Wooden Snow

1.Paste the 13.56MHz RFID book tag on the Acrylic which is cutted by Laser Cutting same size.

2.Connect the Acrylic and the board which is cutted by Laser Cutting with rivet

Step 4: Make a Wooden Box

1.Laser Cutting the board using the DesignDrawing2.

2.Connect the board with angle iron

3.Repeat last step until the box get 5 surface

Step 5: Make the Door of the Wooden Box

1.Laser Cutting the board using the DesignDrawing2.

2.Connect the Electronic Modules following the picture. (About the LED strip: There are so many holes in the wooden board. Cut the LED strip one by one. Then fix them behind the wooden board and weld. )

Step 6: Make the Serve As a Lock

1.Fix the angle iron in the box and fix the serve on the door

2.Change the angle of the serve,open or close the door.

Step 7: Software Works

We use Arduino Mega as the controller here,if this’s your first time to hear about Arduino, put hand on Arduino to start your amazing journey to Arduino.

First of all, click here to download the code.

1. When you get to the github page, find a Download ZIP button, click to download the code.

2. The code you downloaded is not an Arduino library, it's a sketchbook, which is include all the library the project need.

3. Unzip the file you had downloaded from github, you will get a folder ConstellationBox-master.

4. Open your Arduino IDE, click File > Preferences > Sketchbook Location, browse to the folder we had mentioned above - ConstellationBox. Then click OK to save it.

5. Close and re-open Arduino IDE, click File > Sketchbook > demo, then the main code of this project is open.

6. Choose the right board(Arduino Mega) and port to upload the code. Refer to the image above.

Step 8: Download 12 Constellations to TFT Touch Shield

1.Download the picture of 12 Constellations to sd card

2.Put the sd card into TFT Touch Shield

3.Every picture named as files

Step 9: Give the Message to NFC Card

Download one app which is named TagWriter on your phone.

Read tags:

When you open the app, find Read tags button, click to read tags.

Put one's snowflake badge under the NFC of your phone.

Write tags:

You need to know the people's constellation. Find out all of the pictures of 12 constellations, remember the name( number ) of the picture.

Following the steps to click White tags > New dateset > Link. In this step, you need to paste the URL on the line. Add the mark " /?XX " at the end of URL. " XX "is the number of picture. Then click SAVE&White.

Put one's badge under the NFC of your phone. Then click White to download.

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