Introduction: NFC Powered R2-D2

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An old Episode I R2-D2 figure modded with a red LED powered by NFC only!

Step 1: Part List

Thin insulated wire
NFC nail sticker
Soldering iron
Hand drill
Red 0603 LED

Step 2: The Tricky Bit

Ok, so get your self any R2-D2 figure, I think Episode I R2 is probably the easiest to work with as he has a hollow belly.

Drill out a hole where his red/blue eye is and a hole underneath him into his belly.

Solder two equal length wires to your LED and twist wires together.

Feed the wire through his head into his belly then out of his underneath. This is the hardest part, use tweezers and be patient!

Remove LED from NFC nail sticker using ideally solder tweezers. You will carefully have to remove glue on top first using a scalpel blade. I did this under x10 magnification!

Then solder the other ends of your wires to both pads of the sticker. Make sure your get your polarity right first!

Glue in your LED eye and glue sticker to the bottom of his foot.
pull up excess wire into his belly.

Turn on your NFC enabled device and watch him come alive on top!

Check out my YouTube video...