Introduction: NFU Dream Maker Project: Spherical Robot Base

In this project 3D printing is used to create a spherical robot base.

We will also show you how to integrate Arduino Nano with Bluetooth module that control a spherical robot through commands from a Android phone. 也將示範如何整合藍牙模組與Nano,並從Android手機控制球型機器人。

Step 1: Materials ​材料清單

Hardware 硬體

  • 1x Arduino Nano 主板一個
  • 1x Arduino Nano IO shield 擴展版一個
  • 1x HC-06 Bluetooth 藍牙模組一個
  • 2x SG-90 Servo Motor 伺服馬達兩組
  • 1x 10cm plastic ball 塑膠球一顆
  • 4x Female-to-female jumper wire 母對母杜邦線四條
  • 1x 9v battery 電池一顆
  • 1x 9v battery connector 電池扣一個
  • 1x straw 吸管一支
  • 1x foam type 泡棉膠一捲
  • 1x 3D printing base3D列印基座

Software 軟體

  • Arduino IDE
  • MIT App Inventor 2

Step 2: Assembling the Spherical Robot 組裝球型機器人

Firstly mount the 2 servo motor onto the spherical robot base.


Secondly mount the arduino nano shield onto the spherical robot base.


Thirdly mount the 9v battery onto the spherical robot base.


Fourthly connect the Bluetooth Module:


  • RXD to TXD on Arduino Nano
  • TXD to RXD on Arduino Nano
  • VCC to 5V on Arduino Nano
  • GND to GND on Arduino Nano

Fifthly connect servo motor to Nano Pin 4 and Pin 5.

第五,將伺服馬達分別接上 Pin 4 與 Pin 5。

Step 3: Download Arduino Nano Source Code 下載Nano程式碼

After downloading the Arduino Nano source code, open it with Arduino IDE and upload to Arduino Nano.

下載Nano程式碼後,請用Arduino IDE將程式碼上傳到Nano。

Step 4: Download Android APK 下載 Android APK

This Android app is created by MIT App Inventor 2. Please download what you need.

此 Android 應用程式使用 MIT App Inventor 2 來製作,請下載您需要的檔案。

BallBot.aia is MIT App Inventor 2 project source code.

BallBot.aia 是MIT App Inventor 2 專案程式碼。

The Android control app can be installed from BallBot.apk.

可用BallBot.apk 來安裝球型機器人的控制程式。

Step 5: Enjoy It or Improve It 玩玩看或改進它

Congratulation! Now, you can enjoy it or improve it.