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Hi makers,

today we want to show you a new project. A stylish night light that will decorate your desks. We called it "LIGHTHOUSE UNDER THE SEA". Whether you use it yourself or gift your loved ones. We assembled the epoxy resin and the arduino. you can also control your lamp with your phone.

Step 1: Project Pictures

As you can see in pic, we have sample pictures. And now we are going to make this project...

Step 2: Lighthouse ?

What is Lighthouse ?

A tower or other structure containing a beacon light to warn or guide ships at sea.

Step 3: Materials

If you decide to do the project or wonder how it is done, I will sort out the necessary materials. This project has an electronic parts, 3d printed parts and epoxy resin.

- Electronic Parts :

- Arduino Nano

- HC05 Bluetooth Module

- 7805

- White LED

- 330 Ohm resistors

- 9v Battery

- Some jumpers

3D Printed Parts :

- A Lighthouse

- Box

Epoxy Resin Parts;

- Epoxy

- Hardener

- Molts

Step 4: Let's Start the Project

Firstly, We are starting with leds. As you can see in pics, leds, we put into the lighthouse. We used 3 leds. For top, middle and bottom.

Step 5: Making Mold

We have 3 mm plexiglass. And we make a mold with it. 10*5.5*4 cm are dimentions. We are using a glue.

Step 6: Building Lamp

We made a mold. And now, we are putting lighthouse into the mold. In pics, we explained. We filled the mold with epoxy. We have placed stones like pictures. and aprox. 2 days later, we opened mold. and results in pictures.

Step 7: Electronic Connections

We used fritzing for electronic design. you can find schematic on last steps. The lamp is quite simple as electronically. With several materials you'll be able to do it easily. In this project we used the PWM outputs of the Arduino Nano. With these outputs you will be able to control the brightness of your light.

Step 8: Finally

And results...

Thanks for your patients...

Step 9: Files

Project files include:

- Arduino code

- 3D Printer STLs

- Electronic Circuit Schematic

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