Introduction: NIGHT LIGHT LAMP

Need an idea for a special gift ?

A meaningful thing like a DIY nightlight will be one of the best things you are able to make.

Let me show you a simple way to make a nightlight by yourself.

A nightlight will help to get a better sleep, to decorate the bedroom.

What an amazing gift !

Step 1: Materials

ruler & pen or pencil

utility knife


hot glue (optional)


grass paper (coloful sandpaper)

hardcover (mica)

model paper


lightbulb & socket (7W) (you can choose color you like)

power wire

Step 2: Design

Design what you want on hardcover

Here I draft letters:

- Bolder

- Letters

Cut all the letters (cut near inside about 3mm from the edge)

Cut the bolder Put your design on the back of grass paper

Copy your design on it

Surround that copy by lines 3mm away and cut follow these lines

Use glue to stick it with the mica

Step 3: Make Your Design 3D

Take a piece of model paper

Make a stand-thick-bolders for these letters (a pen may help)

Use glue to stick the bolder on the letter

You need to be meticulous this step

Use cellophane to cover your letters and stick the cover by glue

Step 4: Make a Shape (prism Box)

1 side is blank

Step 5: Power

Door (Open-close device)

Light it up

Step 6:


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