Step 1: Materials

  • 5 Q-tips
  • used 4/10 shot gun shell
  • normal printing paper
  • 2 chunks of 1/2*1/2 foam
  • scissors

Step 2: Q-tips

Cut the Q-tips where the cotton starts. Do not mess up the part that the cotton is attached to that is what you are using for the ammo.

Step 3: The Shell Part 1

Now size the shot gun shell on both side of the paper cut a mark in the paper. Fold at the cuts. Then cut a all the way down the paper.

Step 4: The Shell Part 2

Now, carefully wrap 2 times a round the shell in the paper you just cut. Cut a mark in the paper. Fold at the cuts. Unwrap the paper.Cut at the fold.Wrap it again and tape it. Finally, slide the shotgun shell out of the paper shell.

Step 5: Loding the Shot in the Shell

Take your paper shell and your foam. Put one pieces of foam in the front of the shell. Take the Q-tips and put them the shell by groups of 3. I use the left offer middle section of the Q-tips and push them the shell . Last, put the other foam in the end.

Step 6: Loading and Shoting

Sorry about this but this will only work on a gun that the air Restrictors Removed or with a long barrel . I would make that a DIY but i all ready removed them. Just put the shell in barrel and fire!!!

PS. I don't now how well the range will be with out Restrictors Removed

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