I made this for my Grandma for Christmas and it is great to chase away the chill while chillin' on the couch at home or in the car a cold car before it warms up.

All you need is:

1 yd of fleece for the top
1 yd of fleece for the bottom
1 pair of scissors
1 popsicle stick
straight pins - optional

The total cost to make this was under $10.

Step 1: Use Popsicle Stick to Measure Where to Cut, Then Cut

Lay the fabric out on a flat surface with the wrong sides together and the front sides facing away from each other.

You could pin it together if you wanted to or if you don't have a table that is big enough to lay out the fabric flat and you have to do it in sections.

You then use the popsicle stick to measure how wide and how deep to cut - take your scissors and cut on both sides of the stick up to the top of the stick.

Step 2: This Is What It Will Look Like When You Have Cut All the Way Around

Step 3: Tie the Two Sides Together by Making a Double Knot

Tie the top side of the fabric to the bottom of the fabric in a knot and the knot it again so it will be double knotted. If you don't double knot it, it may come apart in the washer or dryer and you will have to tie it all over again (learned this one the hard way!).

(The blanket in this picture is my Mom's as my Grandma lives out of town).

Step 4: This Is What the Double Knot Will Look Like When Done

Continue to double knot each of the ties all the way around and once they are all tied, you are done!

This is a great project to do while watching T.V. or a movie and this was done within the time frame of watching a movie.

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