Introduction: NRL Trvia Game

In this instructable i will teach you how to make your own wooden nrl trvia board game. I made this at school for a assignment and topped the class and the grade. it can have up to 4 players. the aim of the game is to convert goals using a spring loaded goal kicker and collect points and answer nrl trivia questions to also collect points. the player who has the most points at the end of the game wins!!!

Step 1: Materials

materials marked with a * are not vital but will make the game look better

 60cm x 42cm (or close enough) timber board. can use plywood, mdf etc
1   9mm x 50cm (or close enough) dowel
2   hinges
1   packet of velcro stick on (you dont really need a whole packet you only really need a strip also make sure you have both sides. the fluffy side and the rough side 
 4 small letter clips
lots of A4 paper
8-9mm drill bit
small screws
a A4 size laminator  +  A4 lamanating sheets
* NRL trading cards
*coloured fabric e.g velvet
* player card holder ( i used a part from  "the game of knowledge)
* lacquer or stain paint

Step 2: Cut Your Timber and Dowel/ Make Your Goal Posts

with a jigsaw or any other saw (make sure it cuts straight) cut the timber in the middle making two seperate pieces they should be about 42cm 30 cm.
then using a hacksaw cut your dowel making 3 pieces 2 should be longer and 1 less longer. you can cut it any dimenisions as long as you have a goal post. it can be as tall as you like,or as wide as you like.

once you have completed both these steps you can now make your goal posts.

simply put 1 nail in one of the longer pieces of dowel about halfway up. then nail in to the shorter piece (cross bar). then nail the other longer piece of dowel into the shorter piece making your goals!!!!!

Step 3: Put the Board Together/ Drill Holes for Goal Posts.

now you have two pieces of timber you can put the hinges on. 
the hinges can go anywhere according to where the playing board is. mine is in the centre of the board so i put my hinges close to the edge where it is not in the way.
once you have figured out where  the hinges are going you can put them in. make sure the hinges are on the right way if they are not on the right way it may not close properly or open properly.

now you can drill the holes for the goal posts. you will need a 8-9mm drill bit or whatever the diameter of the dowel. measure the distance apart between the two pieces of dowel and mark it. it is important you measure correctly other wise they may not fit. go ahead and drill all the way through the timber. ONLY DO THIS FOR ONE NOT BOTH

Step 4: Paint It

now paint all sides on both board with your prefered colour or paint

Step 5: Make Your Playing Board Path

this is the creative part. make on the computer the part where you will play on. i choose the shape of australia as i thought it is relevant going around australia to get to final (finish).
i used a picture of australia from the net and then using paint i made a path in which the players would play. once your happy with it print it off. if you already havnt, write the commands in which you follow.
i wrote things like play a team ( i did this for each nrl team), you were involved in a bad tackled back 2 spaces, answer trivia question. then you can laminate it. i found that it was to big to laminate so i cut it half then i laminated it

Step 6: Make Your Cards, Players and Answer Card

now you are up to making your triva cards, players and the answer sheet.
firstly on the computer write up some questions about teams, players or general footy stuff.
write a possible answer for a,b,c and d making one the actual answer. make as many as you want.
then make the player cards (these will be what you move around the board with) i choose to use the team mascots. once this is all done write the answers on another sheet of paper.

then laminate all of these. with the questions i printed them all on the same page and then lamainated them then cut them out.

Step 7: Make Your Goal Shooter

now you are up to making your goal shooter.
to do this i used letter clips.
firstly cut a small piece of timber about 5 cm long x 2cm wide x 3-5 mm thick
then drill a small hole in the middle about 3 cm up dont go all the way through!!!!
then get a screw and place it through the hole in the letter clip then screw into the pre drilled hole in the timber do this for both side of the letter clip. then using the stick-on velcro stick it to the bottom of the goal shooer that is how you make the goal shooter. if you want you can cover the shooter with velvet to make it look good

Step 8: Glue on Playing Board

now glue on the playing board which as made in step 5. make sure you dont glue the whole thing on the board, cut it in half so thge board will fold in half

if you want you can glue on some football trading cards. this will add to the apperance of the finished product.

Step 9: Finishing Touches.

now you are up to the last stage.

you can now glue on your velcro for the goal shooter.
if you have any other ideas to make it look better go for it

Step 10:

now you can make up your own rules and start playing.have fun!!!