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.This an ultra simple ultra tasty recipe of

gewylicious Nutella cookies for when a spoon full of Nutella(don't lie you know you do it) just isn't enough.

This recipe makes about 15 smallish medium cookies.

You will need:

- 1 Egg

- 1 Cup of Flour

- 1 Cup of Nutella

- 1 Tsp of white sugar

I didn't this time but adding shopped up nuts is pretty delicious too. Hazel nuts, almonds or walnuts I'd suggest.


Put 1 Egg, 1 Cup of Flour, 1 Cup of Nutella, 1Tsp of white sugar into a bowl. It doesn't have to be very exact, which is wonderful if your a terrible backer like me.

Mix until you get a brown batter.

It should not be liquid. It should be kind of dry but not to much so you can still make little balls with them.

If it's to liquid add a little bit of flour, or if it crumbles because it's to dry add some Nutella.


Make little balls of batter and spread them

out on a greased cookie sheet. leave about 3-4cm between each one.

Press down with a fork.

Cook at 180*C for 17 minutes.

Let set for 10 minutes

Using a spatula remove cookie, be careful sometimes the bottom doesn't follow...

Step 3: EAT THEM

Serve with a glass of milk for maximum deliciousness.

Try not to eat them all alone in one sitting. TRY.

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