Introduction: NachoSlinkyMahma Dog

NachoMahma is not the monster we all make him out to be. Despite the reputation, he is a good ole dog. Rub him the wrong way, he can get quite scrappy. Throw him a bone and he'll be content all day like chewing on your favorite slippers. Housebroken? Dunno.

Make this Slinky Dog out of cardboard and a Slinky spring toy. Just like the one in the movies. Or just like the old retro wooden slinky toy dog from way back when. Do you remember that far? NachoMahma can't.

Step 1: Simple Stuff

This was mostly made from cardboard and glue.

The base parts are made from cardboard with a light covering of papier mache.

You will need:




a Slinky spring toy, I used the small version of it, they do have the full size Slinky spring.    I guess you could just bend some stiff wire into a coil if you did not have one.

some screws or bolts or use a pencil or dowel for the wheel axles

paint, I just used poster paints, they were handy

magic marker

craft foam sheets or colored felt sheets for details

hot glue gun

scissors or utility knife to cut cardboard

CAUTION: Papercuts are mostly avoidable. Be careful, don't end up like this kid.

Step 2: Big Wheels Keep on Rollin...

This project was done as we went along.

Lay out the Slinky spring and draw out what you want to be the front and tail end of the Slinky Dog.

Create a set of wheels that are sized for the chassis.

Cut out the wheels and use it as a template to cut out 3 or 4 more sets of wheels.

Glue together or laminate the wheel cutouts to create a thick wheel that is 3 or 4 layers thick.  Try to alternate the way the internal corrugations run to give it better strength.

Step 3: Tail O the Pup

For the aft section, build up layers to form a rounded tail end.

Glue up cardboard "legs" where the wheels will attach.

I used a scratch awl to poke holes for the axles.  I will use screws as axles.

Step 4: Full Frontal and Head Shot...

Create the front of the pup.

Create paws and arms.

I glued in some coins on the paws to give it some weight so it would stand upright.

Cut out some sections of cardboard that fit the inner diameter of your Slinky spring.
Glue this on to the inside sections of the tail and front.
These are stubs for the spring to attach to.

Create the head.

Test fit all the parts.

Step 5: Paper Training...

Papier mache all over to smooth out the details.

Use white glue with a splash of water to thin it out.

Tear apart pieces of scrap paper.

Soak in the glue solution and apply.

Let dry overnight.

Step 6: Give It a Good Shellac'ing

Prime the doggie.

Mix up custom colors to paint the pup.

Use magic marker to add detail lines.

Cut out foam pieces for the dog collar, bone tag, eyes, ears, didn't have brown foam so I used a piece of cardboard for the nose.  Hot glue to attach.

Attach wheels and screw/spring tail.  I didn't have a long enough spring for the tail to which a ball would normally be attached at the end.  Then there would be one more pun to write.

Attach the Slinky spring to join the two main parts.  I had to add screws in the tail stub to secure the end of the Slinky spring.  The other end had a good friction fit.

A real Slinky Dog has an internal length of string to limit how far the spring will stretch so that it bounces back after you pull it. 

This NachoSlinkyMahma Dog has no leash.  I doubt you can put one on and string it along very far.

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