Nail Balance Puzzle!




Introduction: Nail Balance Puzzle!

Can you figure this puzzle out? Your goal: balance 14 nails onto one nail. This tough brain game is possible, but it is very hard and it requires lots of thinking. Just in case you are dying to know how to do it, at the end of this instructable I will tell you how. However, first I'll show you how to make it.

You can do this project one of two ways. First, you can take a random piece of wood and hammer a nail into it, then try to put 14 nails onto that nail. You can do it that way, but it doesn't look professional and like a real puzzle. The way that I will show you will be nice and have a holder for every nail. Just keep reading to find out.

Step 1: Cut Your Wood to the Correct Length

For this project you can use almost any wood for the base, as long as it is around 3/4" deep, or enough so that your nails can go into the wood and rest there. Make the width of the wood 3" and the length 5-1/4". Even though you can do it a little smaller or a little bigger, this is the ideal size to make the rest of the steps easier.

Step 2: Make the Marks for the Nails

Now that you have your wood the correct size, you need to make the marks for your nails. First, with a tape measure, make two 3/4" marks from each edge of your wood (picture 1). Next, using a speed square, draw a line connecting your marks, making a rectangle inside your piece of wood (picture 2). Now put a mark on each of the corners of the inside rectangle (picture 3). Next, starting from your corner marks, measure and mark 3/4" down the line (picture 4). Note: on accident I did not make a mark on the right or left edge. There should be a mark right in the middle of those two sides in picture 4. Finally, erase the lines so you are left with just the nail marks and put a mark right in the center of your wood.

Step 3: Drill the Holes and Sand It Down

Using a drill press, drill all of your nail marks about 3/4 of the way down. Make sure each one is the exact length, so adjust your drill press to go down the same length every time. Also, make sure to drill the center mark as well. Finally, you will need to sand down all the rough edges on your wood and make everything smooth.

Step 4: You Are Done!

Now you can put your 3" nails in and start playing! As I said before, it is very hard and challenging. However, just in case you are dying to know, I will tell you how to do the puzzle.

As shown in the second picture, put one nail down and overlap the others on top of it. Then put another nail on top of that. Finally lift the whole thing up by the bottom and top nail and set it on your center nail to balance.

I hope that this instructable was helpful, and made you want to do this yourself. It truly is very fun and challenging, and it is fun to see other people try to do it when they don't know how. Please vote for me in the Puzzle Challenge if you liked my instructable. Thank you!

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    5 years ago

    I only 8 nails balencing on one nail in the photos, but you said 14. Other then that good instructable and vary interesting.


    Reply 5 years ago

    You are right. In the picture I used 1 1/2" nails instead of 3" nails. If you use 3" nails you can balance 14 on. Thank you.