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Introduction: Nail Care 101

Hi there!

In this Instructable you will find out the basic way to take care of your nails and how to paint them as well. This is for beginners; if you are having trouble with taking care of your nails and finding the right way to paint them this will be perfect for you!

Step 1: Basic Materials

What you will need to complete this Instructable:

- nail oil

- coconut oil

- moisturiser

- nail file

- nail buffer

- base coat

- pink OPI nail polish

- top coat - matte or normal

Step 2: Moisturising

For this step you will need the following:

- (Any) Moisturiser

- Nail Oil: mine is from RL de Young

- Coconut Oil: I got this at my local drugstore

First of all cream your hands for the nourishing of the skin.

Next apply the nail oil on your nails and cuticles as well. This can be messy because no one will see. Do not worry about how you apply it.

After you have a applied the nail oil, get you coconut oil and use your finders to rub your cuticles and upper finger with it completely. The area directly below your nail is where the actual nail starts to grow. The oil will give it a healthy start.

This makes the nail healthier, however it is not a good base for a manicure. This is why after you apply all of the above, let them sit for 5 minutes and then take a wool pad and wipe it all off so there is no oil left on your nail.

Step 3: Buffing You Nails

This step is necessary for preparing your nails for the polish we are going to put on. It makes the polish last longer by smoothing out your nail beds.

The buffer I am using is a high quality one from the Hand Perfection Nail Kit. Mine is a little old already, but this is no problem as long as it does its' job.

First of all you need to use the slim-white side and brush it against all of your nails for at least 30 seconds.

Next you should use the grey side and use this for 60 seconds. Brush it against all of your nails as shown in the image above.

Lastly, use the wide-white side until you hear your nail squeaking. Look at the result and if it is shiny, you are done with step 3!

Step 4: Shaping Your Nails

For this you need a file and maybe some toenail scissors.

Here it depends on what your personal preferences are. I have square nails, used to have sharp nails, but you can also have round nails.

You need to file them according on how you want to have them.

Square: Let them grow on the sides as well as the middle and only file the top horizontally.

Sharp: File off the sides, creating an apex at the top of your nail.

Round: File your nails according to your nail beds. Make sure they have a round form.

It is important that while you file, only file in ONE DIRECTION. Not in both; this damages your nails and will not leave them long because they will split or break off.

Also do not use normal scissors/scissors for nails. These are not promoting for nail growth. Instead you can use toenail scissors.

Step 5: Base Coat

The base coat is necessary to prepare the nail for the manicure.

I am using the base coat from Astor - Pro manicure.

The way you apply it is simple. You brush one side of the brush at the bottle and put the other side to the base of your nail and stroke towards the top of the nail.

Only use one coat, however cover the complete nail thoroughly when you do this.

Step 6: Pink Manicure

For this manicure I am using the OPI Mood about You nail polish which is a bright pink shade, perfect for summer to wear with light or bright colors!

The way to apply it is very old fashioned, however it works best every time. First of all you need to roll the nail polish in between your hands for 10-20 seconds.

Then open the bottle and take the brush out carefully. Brush off one side of the brush on the bottled then start by setting the brush 3 millimetres away from your cuticle. Push the brush towards your cuticle, just close enough that it doesn't touch the cuticle. From then, swipe the brush to the top of the nail. Do the same with the right and then the left side as well.

You need to do 2-3 coats of this to make it opaque and more intense. Try to make it even every time so they will look perfect at the end.

Just a reminder: practice makes perfect; it may be harder for you to do it with your non-dominant hand, however all you need is practice. If you cannot do it at all, ask one of your friends to help you!

Step 7: Top Coat

First of all you need to make sure that your pink manicure is completely dry. Wait 20 minutes at least for it to dry before applying the top coat.

If you are in a extreme time rush, you can use this simple trick to make them dry faster:

Get a bowl with ice water (with some ice cubes as well) and soak your hands in there for 1-2 minutes. Make sure the ice cubes don't touch your freshly done nails!

When the nails are dry, get your top coat. This can be a shiny one or in this case a matt one. I got mine from Maybelline Color Show Top Coat; Matte.

Apply this exactly as the manicure; just stroke the middle, then the right, then the left. However only use one coat!

You will notice the matte results shortly after while it is drying.

Step 8: Admire Your Artwork!

Now that you have done your nails successfully, admire them in pride and accessorise you finger furthermore with some rings!
Well done!

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    5 years ago

    Lots of good tips :) I never really learned how to do my nails very well!