Introduction: Nail Salon Pro 1.0

This instructable will go over the steps you will need to print and use the Nail Salon Pro 1.0

Step 1: 3D Printing Your File

  1. Download the STL file from Onshape
  2. Upload the STL file to a 3D printer

  3. Arrange the model so that it prints on its side

  4. If the model is too big for the 3D printer, scale down the model. In order to still be functional, the model can only be scaled down .8 the size

  5. Print the model

Step 2: Fixing Up Your Nail Salon Pro 1.0

  1. After the file is printed, the device will look like the photo above
  2. Take out any extra filling in the holders and top of the print- Pliers may be needed to remove the filling. Be careful when removing the filling, if the print has too much pressure on it, the thin parts of the print may snap

  3. If you want your print to look more presentable, you can use sandpaper to make the print smoother

Step 3: Setting Up the Nail Salon Pro 1.0

  1. Since the Nail Salon Pro is one piece, no assembly is required
  2. Set the Nail Salon Pro 1.0 against the table, flange side closest to you and hanging off the side of the table
  3. Press your body against the flange to keep the Nail Salon Pro 1.0 in place

Step 4: Using the Nail Salon Pro 1.0

1. Acquire nail polish and unscrew the brush, place the top of the brush in one of the three holes on the top side

2. Move your nail back and forth under the brush, use the top squares to view your nail's progress

3. Repeat until you're happy with the look of each each nail