Introduction: Nail Through Finger Prank

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Quick, call a doctor! Help someone is injured! Heeeelp. Here are some of the reactions you can expect when you perform this prank. In addition to prank, it is also a fun way to add something extra to, for example, a Halloween outfit. This prank is very easy to perform and can really fool someone with it!

Video tutorial:


  • Nail
  • Fake blood
  • Nail glue
  • Wire cutter
  • A strong stomach

Step 1: Preparing the Nail

Because we are of course not really going to push a nail through the finger, we have to prepare the nail first. Use the wire cutters to cut the nail into 3 pieces. You need the top and bottom parts for this prank. The middle part no more, here comes the finger.

Be careful when cutting the nail, pieces can fly off. So always use safety glasses!

Step 2: Glue the Nail

In this step we are going to glue the nail onto the finger. I use nail glue for this. The name is appropriate but the glue is normally really meant for the other kind of nails. The advantage of this glue is that it is not harmful to the skin, sticks well but can also be removed with a little lukewarm water.

Apply a small amount of nail glue where you want the nail to sit on the finger. Press the nail firmly against it and hold it for about 20 seconds. Then put a drop of glue on the place where the nail should protrude from the finger again. Press the other part of the nail firmly against it and again wait about 20 seconds.

The nail is now "through" the finger. It already looks terrifying... In the next step, we're going to finish it off.

Step 3: Finishing Touch

Of course, a prank like this involves a bit of blood. For this I used fake blood from the local party supply store. Of course you can also make fake blood yourself. Von Malegowski made a good Instructable about this: How to Make Fake Blood.

Put a small amount of fake blood where the nail goes in and out of the finger. Also put a little blood on the nail, for some extra effect you can also wipe it out a bit.

In the video you can clearly see that the nail glue is surprisingly strong and keeps the nail in place. You can even pull quite hard on the nail.

Have fun with this prank! I'd love to hear your comments and experiences! Feedback and ideas are of course always welcome!