Introduction: Nail and String Art

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Nail and string art is super fun and easy! Here I will explain how to do it!


• Small Nails
• A Hammer
• A Flat Board (any size will work)
• Embroidery Thread
• A Printed Template of a Design of Your Choice

Step 1: Prepping Your Board

If you are planning on hanging up your board, you will want to attach your hook to the back of the board, this will be extremely difficult after the nails are in place. If you want to paint your board, now is the time to do it.

Step 2: Creating the Outline of the Shape With the Nails

Position your paper template on the board. Once you have it where you want it, hammer the nails through the paper and onto the board. After you are done nailing, tear away the paper.

Step 3: The String

Now, wrap the string around the nails to fill in the outline. Once you are done with the outline, wrap the string from nail to nail to fill in your shape.

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