Introduction: Nail Bat? Try Homemade Nail Bladed Tonfa / Tong Fa

About: Im just a student. Doing A levels to try learn Mechanical Engineering in the UK.

Firstly I will tell the materials used for this thing.... I call it Sange & Yasha

Materials and Tools
>>  1x Drill
>>  1x Some kind of grinding machine to sharpen bolts
>>  1x Metal drill bit (I will refer this as primary bit)
>>  1x Drill bit smaller than the "primary bit"
>>  Cutting tool. Minimum is a hacksaw. Yes, it does work. Thats what I used
>>  Blade. Minimum is a small kitchen knife
>>  2x Screws + nuts
>>  ~2 1/2 feet of galvanized metal pipe 

Now the introduction (yea I know its weird to put this second)

Around the web, Ive seen homemade PVC tongfa. Sure they are light, allowing for quick strikes. But still, a tongfa main asset is the ability to receive blows easily. Id estimate that a PVC tongfa would take ~10 hits from a machete until it breaks. H*ll, I even broke mine with a single missed strike which hits a concrete wall. But PVC is easy, not too hard to replace it though. 10 is actually way too many strikes, but its an estimate, cant say Im wrong ^_^. So I chose metal pipes for the strength.

Id suggest using one metal tongfa in one hand and a PVC one on another. The PVC is for quick strikes for either counter attacks, or distraction techniques. The metal one is mainly for absorbing attacks. But, with the blade attached to the metal one, it would do serious damage if used.


I strongly warn that this project is a dangerous one. It involves metalwork, working with sharp things, and producing an obviously dangerous object.

DO NOT INJURE YOURSELF OR OTHER PEOPLE OR ANIMALS - respect other lifeforms, and yourself
However, Im quite sure that those who are able to do this will be able to use their common sense properly. So I will not be responsible if anyone is stupid enough to injure other people without a permit for self defense

Check laws for your location to see if this thing will violate any of them. And even if its legal, dont go walk around with these

Step 1: Making the Tongfa and Preparing Blade

1)   The picture is self explanatory. So cut the metal pipe to a proper length. Then thread the metal pipes and screw to a metal tee fitting

2)   Now take a small kitchen knife and secure the handle tightly. Then, tape some masking tape to cover the edges, this should guard the edge while you work with it and also protect yourself from the blade. Use suitable apparatus or just using hands. The metal used for the knife is very durable.

3)   Instead of sawing the blade and discarding the handle, we will snap it. Press on the blade, ensuring the whole blade part that is needed is flat while the location where you want the blade to break off is the only part bending. I recommend using gloves for this. Press firm and snap that thing off. If it is too ductile to break and merely bends, flip the knife and bend in other direction. Repeat.

4)   You need to saw along the elbow end to fit in the blade, or you can make the blade stay outside the metal pipe. Another idea is putting 2 blades at top and bottom of pipe instead of only one in the middle


1) The length from the middle grip to the (elbow) back end should be an extra ~2 to ~3 inches to accommodate the blade instead of the usual one inch.

2) I was using a thin kitchen knife, not the thick camping knives etc. Id break my hand before breaking the thing

Step 2: Drill Time!!!! (the Most Time Consuming Step)

I lack tools and I started the project with ZERO knowledge on metalwork. So I learnt through mistakes and the internet. It is fun and also an adventure.

What I learnt:
How to use a drill chuck key
Types of drill bit
Different metals gives you different degrees of heartache

Initially I was using a masonry bit instead of a metal drill bit so it got broken. I hope my dad doesnt find out. This is a metal drill bit

1)   Get a permanent marker and mark the spots you should be drilling. Remember, precision is too important.

2)   I also couldnt make the bit stay in place on the tongfa, so I used a hacksaw and made an "X" mark then drilled the center(primary bit). I dont have a drill marker lying around.

3)   Next, drill the knife blade with the primary bit. Oooohhh.... you will hate this part. The knife is made of a really hard steel (depends on quality).

4)   When you think youve made a small hole that is ok to fit the secondary drill bit, change to the secondary drill bit. Now use the point end to finish punching through and the sides of the shaft of the secondary bit to thin out the remaining metal pieces. CAUTIOUS: too much force can break the smaller drill bit.

5)   Now put the screws in and make sure that the screw fits in nicely. If not, do some adjustments. Repeat step 5) until its just right

6   Attach the blade in the middle of the pipe and screw it tight. Ensure that the blade's edge is facing outwards when the middle shaft of tongfa is aligned with your forearm or not it would be an impractical weapon

Step 3: FINISH!!!! ... Almost

The tongfa will be under LOTS of vibrations. You will need extra nuts to hold them in place. To save cost, I just used some washers that were lying around.

Do this to prevent the bolt from loosening

Also, find some grinding machine to sharpen the bolts.

And youre actually done now.