Nam Ya Curry ( Thai Minced Fish Curry)




Introduction: Nam Ya Curry ( Thai Minced Fish Curry)

Nam Ya Curry is kinda different from other typical thai curry like green curry or red curry.
I would like to say, it is a Thai version of bolognese sauce, but with fish meat and it is served with noodles.
It is extremely easy and quick to prepare, recommend for beginner who want to serve Thai dish at home.

For beginner ( Thai food for dummies)
Prepare time: 30 minutes

Step 1: Ingredients (the Curry)

1) Nam Ya Curry paste 120 grams
(( any brands of nam ya paste is fine, this instruction is for beginner, so I won't show how to make the paste your own. And in fact, most Thai people don't make their curry paste, but buy fresh paste from market and else))
2) Krachi roots ( optional) small amount
(( what makes Nam Ya curry different from other Thai curry, it is Krachi root. In fact, there is already Krachi root insides the curry paste, but I would like to put bit more to strengthen the curry base)
3) Coconut cream 1000 ml
4) Coriander roots ( optional)
((Don't think the root of coriander is useless, you can just simply smell the roots, there is nice smell from it. In fact Thai kitchen love the coriander root, for example, it is one of the important ingredients for Thai grilled chicken))
5) Can tuna ( water) 300 grams
((originally Thai people like to use streamed catfish to make Nam Ya, but there is no strict rule, and in fact you can use any kind of cooked fish meat which are streamed ,boiled, baked. Oh yeah, you can simply recycle your leftover fish meat!!! ))

6) Palm sugar / white sugar
In fact, you can use white sugar instead, but Palm sugar is better, cause of its nice delicate coconut smell.
7) Fish sauce
Not salty enough? Use fish sauce, but not salt. We cook Thai dish, right? Thai use fish sauce instead of salt!

Step 2: Ingredients ( Sides Dish)

Nam Ya curry is served with rice noodles, and some fresh herbs & vegetable, so we need:

8) rice noodles
9) bean sprouts
10) pickled mustard
(( very important with pickled mustard, It matches perfectly together with Nam Ya Curry ))
11) coriander ( leaves)
12) fried onion ( optional)

Step 3: Wash, Chop and Slice

1) wash and slice the Krachi root
2) wash and slice the coriander ( save the roots)
3) wash and slice pickled mustard

Step 4: Start the Cooking!

1) Stir fry the curry paste with 2 tablespoons oil for 2-3 minutes in medium heat, until it starts to smell
2) mixed with the fish meat

Step 5: Make Your Coconut Milk More Creamy

3) add the first 500 ml coconut milk , turn into high heat, until you start to see some oil and cream on the top of your curry
(( this step helps the fat from coconut milk releasing out, thickens the curry, and make it smells better))

Then turn back the heat into medium

Step 6: Add Herbs

4) add krachi root and coriander root into the curry

(( please be noted that we won't serve and eat the coriander root, it is for strengthening the curry smell and flavour,
so just save n keep it in your pan ,or put it away once your curry is ready ))

Step 7: Seasoning

5) add the rest of your coconut milk
6) seasoning with fish sauce and Palm sugar
( how much fish sauce and sugar should I add? It is the question, how salty n the flavour do u want? It is about your personal taste. I would say around 1 tablespoon or teaspoon Palm sugar, and 1-2 tablespoon fish sauce)

7) every brand of curry paste has a slightly different taste, some more spicy, some milder, if you are spicy lover, simply add more ground chili powder

Step 8: Cook the Noodle

8) meanwhile, prepare the noodles, just follow the instructions from the packaging

Step 9: Serve and Done :)

10) it is time to serve finally!
Place your noodles, pickled mustard, curry ( without the coriander root!) , coriander leaves, fried onions ( optional)

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    7 years ago

    I Hope That it helps, if you Guss have questions, please feel free to ask


    7 years ago

    This looks soooo delicious. Shouldn't have read this i'ble while hungry (lol)! We have lots of catfish stocked up in the freezer that has now found a purpose :D!