Introduction: Namaste ! Yoga Socks

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New years resolutions made me start doing yoga. I love it.
I also love having warm feet, but there is no way you can do a downwardfacing dog with socks on without slowly sliding off your yoga mat.
Trust me, I tried. : P

Step 1: Reuse Felted Sweater

This is a beautiful wool pullover which sadly enough was washed too hot! It shrank and felted. I kept it because I knew I would use it for something or other later. You could cut out a hat or some mittens from the body, I still might, but for this project I need the sleeves.

Step 2: Heel Hole

I pulled the sleeve over my foot and and marked my ankle with needles, pointing towards the heel. I removed my foot and then cut to the middle of the sleeve and repeated the same with the second sleeve.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Since the pullover was already felted due to too hot washing, there was no risk of feazing. All there was left to do was give the socks some nice embroidery touches. Which I did.
I now enjoy warm ankles during my yoga practise.

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