Introduction: Name Card Stand (Quick-and-Dirty)

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I was running out of time. The Chinese New Year Bazaar would be held in the next two days and so much work to be done. It was a good time to launch my wife's new brand : Bean's Cook -- homemade food chiefly soymilk. After creating an instant mobile application for her, I printed simple name cards with logo and phone number in front and QR code (to download the mobile application) at the back.

I used thick paper, printed 10 name cards on one page with total 50 pages. What could be more instant than printing on thick paper with inkjet printer? Finished cutting the name cards, I stacked the leftovers on my desk. My brain started spinning : what can I do with this leftover white papers?

This is it. I turned the leftovers into a name card stand in around 20 minutes.

Step 1: What You Need

  • Adhesive tape.
  • Cutter.
  • Pen.
  • And the leftovers.

Step 2: The Long Narrow Leftovers

  • Take a stack of the long narrow leftovers.
  • Bind the short corners with adhesive tape.
  • Bend it to 6 centimeters wide (photo #3).
  • Bind the other end with adhesive tape. You will have non-flat end.
  • Cut the excessive to flatten that end (photo #5).

I called this piece : "The Bend".

Step 3: The Short Wide Leftovers

  • Take a stack of the short wide leftovers.
  • Cut to 11 centimeters long.
  • Measure 6 centimeters from middle point of the long side. Draw two rectangles as in photo #2.
  • These rectangles will be cut-out to slide The Band in (photo #8).
  • You can use your cutter as a saw (photo #9).
  • After cutting out, tape every corners.

I called this piece : "The Base".

Step 4: Finishing

  • Draw something on the top of The Base such as :"pick one", "pick me", "take one" or anything you like.
  • If somehow you had taped the surface, just make another piece, write it down, and tape it on top of The Base.
  • Assemble The Bend to The Base.
  • Put your card holder on the table and then put your cards in, reclining on The Bend.

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