Introduction: Name Key Chain

If you like key chains on your keys or bag but want your name on it. Well you came to the right place! This is a personalized printed key chain with your name or anybody's name. You will need a 3D printer with filament and some type of computer or laptop.


Step 1: Set Up Printer

You want to make share that the printer is set up right. Check that the filament is coming out and check the platform to see if its level.

Step 2: Create/ Log in to Tinker Cad

Put the USB from the printer into the computer. Then go to the website called tinkercad.

Create / Log in to your account. Once logged in click on create new design and wait for the screen to load.

Step 3: Making the Base

Drag the solid red box to the center of work space(if you want to change the color go to the shape box on the right corner and click the red and pick the color you want). Make the box measurements. Length = 136, Width = 29.01, Heights= 9.

Step 4: Making the Text

Change basic shapes to text and numbers. Drag text to the center of the box. Click on the arrow over the text and raise the text by 3. Go back to the shape box and go to text and type in what you want. Make the length of the text 100 and width 20.

Step 5: Making the Hole and Grouping

Go back to basic shapes and drag the clear cylinder to the far left of the key chain. Make the cylinder 9 in length and width. Click on the arrow above the cylinder and drag it down to level with the key chain. Highlight the whole key chain then go to the top right and click and the box button to group the separate pieces together

Step 6: Exporting and Print Studio

Then go to the top right of the screen under your account pic and click export. Once it loads click on the .stl, then click the link at the bottom and it will send you to print studio (which you need to get on your computer). At print studios you want to click on center then click on a bottom settings and change the setting to what you want. Once your done with your settings go to the scale and click on scale to fit. Once you do the measurements will show and you can change it as you please. Then go to the top of the and click on preview and you will see how long it will take to print. Then click export on the top, write the name you want to save to the USB

Step 7: Printing

Take the USB and put it back into the printer and click on build. Click on the picture of the USB and go to your print. Once on your print click build and wait for it to print, when print is done take print off the platform.

Optional; you can paint the key chain