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Introduction: Name Picture

Have you seen the pictures where someone takes pictures of items that look like letters. Then you spell out your last name or a saying. My husband loves the beach so I decided to make him a picture of letters on the beach.

Step 1: Draw the Letters

You really need to go to the beach for this one. You could try a large bag of sand but we were at the beach so it worked for me. Draw the letters you want in the sand. I used a stick but you can use a pencil or even your finger. You want to see the sand around the picture so you know it is from the beach. I just did our last name but I wish I had taken the time and done the entire alphabet. Then I could of made other names because we liked it so much. Make sure you do not put the letters to close together. It makes it easier to take pictures. Also try and keep them the same size. But if they aren't it is fine because you are going to crop later. If you want to make them all different sizes make sure you take the pictures a little further back. That way you can crop to the size you want.

Step 2: Edit the Letters

After loading the pictures make sure you straighten the letters and then print. If you need to crop make sure you view each picture before you print. Now all you have to do it frame the letters. I ordered a frame that had 6 openings. I took a couple of pictures of sea shells in case I couldn't find a frame with 6 openings.

Step 3: Final Picture

My husband loves the picture It hangs in our kitchen and everyone wants to know where to order one. I hope you enjoy.

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    6 years ago

    So where can you order one? ;)


    Reply 6 years ago

    If I had taken pictures of all the letters I could of sent you the pictures. Maybe you can find some sand close by. Thanks for asking.