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Hi friend's,here I'm going to tell you how to create a simple nameplate using LED's.LED's are supercool,recently I got attracted towards LED,Therefore I wanted to do something like LEDCUBE,but that needs Microcontroller,Inorder to do something simple ,I came up with this Idea of making a nameplate using LED's.Let's start..

Step 1: Requirements

You will need only these things to do this simply awesome nameplate:
1.PCB board
2.LED's(I have used RED color LED)
3.Paper,sketch and scissor
4.Soldering Iron
6.9v battery and connector
7.Resistor (680 ohms)
The reason for using 680 ohms:
To find resistance,[R= (Vs-Vf)/If]

Vs-Supply voltage(9 volts),

Vf-Forward voltage of Red LED(2.2 volts),

If-Forward current of RED LED(10mA).
On substituting the values,We will get Resistance of 680 ohms.

Step 2: Basement

Write your name in a paper which is exactly on the size of the PCB board you are going to use.
♡♡**If you wanna gift it to someone special,Write your name along with their name,This could be the best memorable gift,because,even after the lifetime of the LED , the setup will look good,therfore that special person won't forget you**♡♡

Step 3: Setting It Up

Place your LED's ,over your name,If it seems tough to plot your LED,keep a flashlight under the board,theefore the holes will be visible over the paper too.
1.Place your leds in parellel(Positive to Positive & Negative to Negative of one LED to the next one).
The reason that why we are using this PARELLEL CONNECTION is,The VOLTAGE will be same in PARELLEL.
Therefore we can use small voltages like(3v,6v,9v,12v) for this whole setup.After placing all the LED's cut down the paper.
EDIT:[ We are going to connect all LED's in parellel(means all positives are connected together and all negatives together),Then connect the positive terminal of the battery to the any positive of the LED(remember all LED positives are connected together).similiarly connect the positive terminal of the resistor to any negative of the LED,then connect both the negatives of the battery and resistor].

Step 4: Soldering

Hmm!!I still need to develop my soldering skills!Since this is my second instructable which is done using soldering,This soldering is better than my first soldering project PCB bus(Please don't see that).
Coming back to our project,Solder the LED's on the PCB board.Connect the Resistor at the negative terminal of the LED's.After connecting positive terminal of the battery to the positive terminal ot the positive of Positive LED,Connect negative of the battery to the negative of the resistor.

Step 5: Tada!!

Now,your LED nameplate is done!!...
Thanks for reading my instructable..
I would be happy to see your nameplates on my comments..?..
For any doubts and suggestions,please comment.(also for grammar mistakes).

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