Introduction: Nameless

Nameless was a project geared towards memorizing the names of people around me. I am one of those people who naturally struggle with remembering names so I undertook the challenge of memorizing thirty names (and who they belong to) of people I didn't know by creating my own rap.

To create this project, I used the Garage Band Ap on my Mac laptop to make the music, I took photos of people and wrote their names using snapchat on my phone, and I made a powerpoint with the lyrics on it for my final presentation.

Step 1: Step 1: Identify the Subjects

To begin, explain to people the objective is to memorize people's names. To do this, ask to take their photo and record the name they go by. I used snap chat for this step and collected thirty names; you can do whatever number you feel comfortable with. It will be helpful to also keep a list of all the names for a later step for easy reference.

Step 2: Step 2: Create the Music

I used Garage Band for making my music on my laptop; other music making software or even live instruments are acceptable. To make the music, I had to find some form of melody or beat within my head that fit the tone of the message I was going to send with my lyrics. This was the longest step in the creating process as it took acute attention to detail to make sure the music was syncing correctly.

Step 3: Step 3: Script the Lyrics

The next step is extremely fun but can be challenging. To write the lyrics, identify what the goal is you are wanting to obtain and make that the objective of what you write. my project was geared towards memorizing names so my lyrics were about why I struggled with remembering names. To make writing the lyrics easier, I used a rap style as this allowed for me to break traditional singing rules and use some rhythmic rhyme schemes. My names were listed in the chorus, but for my presentation, I stopped the music and looked around the room and identified the individuals as I said their names.

Step 4: Step: Future Editions and Challenges

To enhance this project, establishing a percussion beat would be effective. I accidentally shot myself in the foot and made this more challenging by using a melody that wasn't entirely conducive to rapping to but I made it work. Fitting percussion into this was even more so a challenge as I am not a percussionist. The biggest challenge was in writing the music. I had brought head phones to be able to better hear what I was playing, but something about my music didn't sync perfectly to a standard 4/4 rhythm, though it sounds as if it does. I am still unsure about where this dis-syncapation occurs and how it still sounds correct.

It would be cool to have made a music video so that as I named people it would have show their faces on the big screen. it would have also been awesome to name everyone who was there. Extra people showed up after i did my initial collection so perhaps doing another walkthrough of the building and collecting more names around the half time would be a good idea too. it would also be cool to know a little bit more than just names, so maybe favourite colours and where they are from?