Nanars 4 Lens Camera Winston Dismantle

Introduction: Nanars 4 Lens Camera Winston Dismantle

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i ve found a Winston Nanars 4 lens action camera at the beach

it was dirty full of sand when i digged it out so

i wondered about what the hell that thing can be uses for

Step 1: Starting Dismantle

get a cross screwdriver type 00

and pieces of empty paper or cardboard and a pointed pencil or whatever you prefer to record the dismantling steps!

open the film - door

open all 3 micro screws hidden inside the back of the 135 film box

Step 2: Front Case

slide the silver front case part out to have access to the lens,

then remove the film door

Step 3: Enhanced Dismantle

go on like this with the rest of parts

open all the visible micro screws (total of 21 pieces 2,5 mm long)

Attention ! there s only one screw hidden under the top of the lens, remove the plastic film covrage

Step 4: Shutter

when it is done you ll be able to lift off the lens body, and see (find) the rotating shutter at the back of the lens

it is working like a simple clockwork just whith one turn spread

Step 5: Reassemble

after cleaning all the parts with some vinil cockpit spray

you can remount all bits toghether

in the reverse order

(TIP_: recommended that you have done a handwritten record where you found which screw where was removed, it makes it much easier:)

but in my case, the plastic lenses were blind from the years in the sand, so i ve thrown all to the garbage bin

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