Introduction: Nano Solar Fan

Maker: Harish

Place: Banjarapalya E4D Makerspace



DC motor with fan


Ribbon tape

Water bottle

Black colour paint

Brown dog solar




Hot glue gun

Step 1: Plan the Circuit

Take a paper and plan the project, how to make yourself (DIY) and what what items will you need.

Step 2: Take a Bottle

First take the water bottle and cut it middle place of the bottle with the scissor or saw blade.

Step 3: Take a Cardboard

Take the bottle piece and put it on cardboard and mark it with marker, and cut it round shape

and cut the cardboard and take a black color paint and paint it to the cardboard, and wait still it dry.

Step 4: Fix the Motor

Take a cardboard and whole it for motor, how much motor will takes the place, and

fix it inside the bottle with the help of hot glue gun and fix the motor with fan, to the cardboard

and fix it with Hot glue gun.

Step 5: Decorate the Project

Take the ribbon tape and fix it around to the bottle, and first fix it with feviquick and roll it around the bottle

then take another painted cardboard, and make it two wholes for motor wires. then fix it under the project

with the help of hot glue gun.

Step 6: Connect to the Brown Dog Solar

Take the motor wires and connect to the brown dog solar wires, then the solar nano fan is ready.