Introduction: DIY Nano-Cache Bobby-Pin Log-Extractor

In geocaching, you will often come across nano-sized caches. Even with a pair of tweezers, their rolled-up, wedged-in logs can be quite tricky to pull out without damaging them, especially when they are really snug in the container (as tends to happen with use, and in the damp). With a pair of pliers/wire cutters, you can make a nano log extraction hook from a bobby-pin, and put it on your keychain.

Step 1: Nano Cache Logs Can Be Wedged in Tight

If this log is wet or old or for any other reason very snug in the cache container, it can be very tricky to get it out, even with tweezers, without damaging the log.

Step 2: Making a Bobby Pin Hook

Find a regular bobby pin. With a pair of pliers/wire cutters, spread out the bobby pin, and cut it just at the point where it is beginning to hook down again. Then pinch the hook itself back toward the single bobby pin leg so that it will fit inside your average nano-cache log.

Step 3: Test It!

If you have pinched the hook tightly enough, you should be able to gently push it to the bottom of the center of the log in the nano cache. If you then gently rock the pin back-and-forth, and twist gently at the same time (in the direction that rolls the log up more tightly), even the most stubbornly stuck old log should come free, undamaged.

Step 4: Pinch It on to Your Keychain

You know you never can predict when you will get the itch to go geocaching. You're already carrying around a pen, in fact it might be attached to your keychain like this one. Well you can attach your nano-cache log-extraction bobby-pin to the same bit of keychain. Now you are ready for that park-and-grab, where you don't want to attract undue attention from Muggles. Happy Hunting!