Naruto: the Headband

Introduction: Naruto: the Headband

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In this I'ble we will make Naruto's headband.
This is a remix of the headband by laminterious here:

Step 1: Materials

1. Cloth (I am using denim scraps)

2. Scissors

3. Duct tape (Grey or silver work best)

4. Sharpie!

Step 2: Mark Your Cut

Measure the amount of cloth you will use and mark your cut with the sharpie.

Step 3: Cut!

Cut your headband out, and make sure it is just wider than your duct tape.

Step 4: Tape

Cut a piece of tape about 8 inches long, and round the edges.

Step 5: Stick

Stick the tape in the center of the headband.

Step 6: Draw!

Draw your symbol and the pins.
Tip: wait for the sharpie to dry. If you want to keep it nice, then put packing tape over the duct tape.

Step 7: That's All!

You now have an authentic Naruto headband!

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    Sorry about some of the pictures being upside down. I am trying to fix this but I hope it is still understandable! Enjoy!