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Introduction: Nasa Space Shuttle Atlantis

About: Hi , I am a Maker-Space Educator .I love to design thing and make things using tools like electronics,papercraft,3d printing,etc.which are parts of makerspace.

Hello Everyone ,

This is the biggest paper-craft i had ever made and i feel you will realize that it is the biggest paper-craft of space shuttle of Atlantis in the world.

first of all i would thanks to Julius perdana from paper-replika who has created many paper-craft model and this is one of them.

The size of this space shuttle Atlantis is around 9 .5 feet big and has been made for a science project show which was very popular. People were very busy in taking picture with this one .hope you would like it so don't forget to give a thumbs up.

The link is :

Have a Creative and Exploring day ahead.

Step 1: Materials Needed to Make a 10 Feet Big Atlantis Space Shuttle.

So are you ready to make this one .

if you need small size also you can do it.

Material needed:

  1. Lots of chart paper.
  2. 160 pages of printout.
  3. fevicol
  4. for support you can use pvc pipe.
  5. glue gun
  6. scissors
  7. Scale
  8. lots of time.....

so first of all you need to download the template of space shuttle from

than expand the file to 900% and you will find each page is divided into many pages .

we need to stick each paper to form a big page of each.

Step 2: Making the Pages to Form a Big Page for the Parts

Here we are going to attach the paper one by one and forming the big paper as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Pasting With Fevicol

So here we made all the parts one by one shuttle one part,fuel tank two pieces.

Step 4: Finally Fixing All of Them With GlueGun and Standing Them on PVC Pipe.

Here we are going to fix all the parts using gluegun as the structures are heavy so for standing it for the long time we need pvc pipe for the support.

So this was the biggest papercraft i did.

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    3 years ago

    It’s nice and amazing


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    thank you for your comment


    3 years ago

    Thank you Randy for your suggestion.

    I removed them right now ,i saw many of your instructables and you are best one.


    3 years ago

    That papercraft is massive!

    Also, I think you might have a few extra steps here you need to remove.