Introduction: Nasi Kuning (Yellow Rice): a Traditional Food of Indonesia

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In Indonesia, Nasi Kuning is very famous. It's a healthy food, a healthy breakfast.
The yellow isn't from food color, it's from turmeric. The taste is very delicious and the taste is make you want to try this food again.

Ok, now lets make it!!!!

Step 1: The Ingredients

- 1Kg Rice
- Turmeric

- 6pcs Candlenut

- 65ml Coconut milk

- 2 Lemongrass

- Water

- 3 Garlic

- 2 Bayleaf

- ±1 tsp Salt

- Flavoring (Beef flavor)

- Egg

- & Fried onions (as a topping)

Step 2: Make the Omelette

break the eggs into a bowl and give a little salt and beef flavoring. then stir gently.

fry the egg in the pan with vegetable oil with medium fire. Fry until cooked.

After the omelette cooked. Cut the omelette into small pieces

And finish

Step 3: Make the Yellow Rice

Wash your rice.

Grind the ingredients with mortar and pestle or blender
Grind this Ingredients:

- Turmeric
- 3 Garlic

- ±1tsp Salt

- 6 pcs Candlenut

Step 4: Mix All of the Ingredients

Mix this Ingredients into the rice cooker cup:

- 1 kg Rice & water

- Grinded Ingredients

- 2 bay leaves

- 2 lemongrass

- 65ml Coconut milk

- Beef Flavour

Step 5: Cook It in Your Rice Cooker

Wait until automatically cooked.

Step 6: Done

Add omelette & fried onions (as a topping)

Thanks for look my works!

sorry for my bad english! haha

I hope you enjoy my instructables

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