Introduction: Native American Project

My daughter had a project to make a Native American Village 14"x16" for Social Studies. The region Indians she choose to represent were the plain indians.

We started by gathering our materials:

1. plywood cut 14"x16"
2. fabric to look like tanned buffalo
suede ties
3. sticks
4. grass, rocks, dirt, pinecone, bark
5. spray paint-green
6. acrlic paint-green, brown, white
7. fur fabric to look like a buffalo
8. plastic horse and buffalo
9. electric tea light for the fire
10. Cinnamon sticks to look like wood
11. clay- to mold vegetables and tools
12. Synthetic moss
13. Skewer sticks
14. fabric pens to draw symbols on teepee
15. glue
16. sticky dots
17. plastic rocks
18. little gourds for the garden.
19. glue gun and sticks
20. Beef Jerky
21. Feathers

Step 1: Teepee

Materials to make the teepee: Suede fabric, skewer sticks, teepee pattern, suede ties, sticky dots, hot glue gun and fabric pens.

Step 1
Place 6 large skewer sticks in a bundle and tie a small piece of the suede ties around the top of the bundle.

Step 2
spreed the sticks out into a teepee shape. use the sticky dots to keep the skewer sticks in place.

step 3
Cut the teepee out using the suede fabric and pattern. (I printed off a teepee template online and enlarged it with our pinter to fit our needs)

Step 4
Use the fabric pen to draw Native American symbols on the teepee

Step 5
Next, I draped the fabric around the teepee and pined it. Then we added another piece for the opening.I used a glue gun to keep it in place and removed the pins.

step 6
we placed extra fur inside the teepee with a tea light.

Step 2: Painting

Next we painted the base green and the tea light flames brown. We also had to make a ram into a Buffalo since walmart didn't sell Buffalos.

Step 3: Clay

We used the clay for the fine details:

1. We covered skewer sticks for the fire pit. We placed a piece of beef Jerky on a rotisserie above the fire.

2. we made a water and fruit bowel full of berries.

3. we made tools and a bow also.

Step 4: Gluing

We used a hot glue gun and spray adhesive to secure our pieces.

1. teepee - hot glue gun
2. plastic animal's- hot glue gun
3. moss- adhesive glue
4. blanket - hot glue gun
5. fur - adhesive glue
6. Cinnamon sticks - hot glue gun
7. clay pieces- hot glue gun
8. teepee cover- hot glue gun

Step 5: Final Touches

Last we put it all together.

1. We used cinnamon sticks as a pile of wood.
2. We use the piece of beef jerky to represent buffalo meat above the fire. 3.We place tools and food around the camp.
4.We glued a blanket over the horse and some feathers.
5. We made a bow and arrow.
6. we added a gourd from our garden to the food pile.
7. we glued our animals in place.
8. we placed some dirt on board and around firepit.
9. we placed a buffalo fur inside the teepee with a other tea light.

Step 6: Plain Indian Village

Wallah the Indian village is done!!