Natural Edge Photo Frame




Introduction: Natural Edge Photo Frame

In this project we are going to be making a natural edge photo frame from a piece of yew. You can make it out of any natural edge wood that you can get but I love the colours that you get from yew.

Please make sure that you use all the correct protection e.g. eye protection and follow all safety instructions for the tools that you will be using.

Step 1: Getting the Tools and Wood Together

For this project you will need a piece of natural edge wood, it can be any type of wood as long as it has a natural edge.


You will need:




Scroll Saw





Sanding Sealer


Step 2: Measuring Up

First We will be using a 5x7 Inch picture. We will keep a 1 1/2 inch edge round each side of the picture. So measuring from the straight edge we will measure 8 inches and then draw a line down to mark out where we will be cutting.

Step 3: Cutting Out

Now from the line that we drew we can now cut this out. I used a jigsaw for this but you can use a bandsaw if you have one big enough.

Step 4: Measuring for Perspex

We now need to measure and mark up for the Perspex to go in. The Perspex I got was already cut to 5x7 Inches.

Place the Perspex on the wood and measure in from one edge making sure that it is 1 1/2 inches away from one of the straight edges. For the top and bottom of the wood you cannot measure as it has an uneven edge so you will have to just do this by eye until it looks like it is even on the top and bottom.

Once you have lined the Perspex up go round the Perspex and put a two pencil marks on each side on the Perspex. Take away the Perspex sheet and then from the pencil marks that you have just made measure 3/8 of an inch and put another pencil mark. Do this for all the makes that you created. Now from these makes draw a line across to make a square that we will cut out next.

Step 5: Cutting Out the Middle

Now take your piece of wood over to the scroll saw and drill a hole in the centre piece that we will be cutting out. Put you blade through this hole and then follow the line to cut out the square that we marked up in the previous step.

Step 6: Marking for the Backing

Now because we want the natural edge to be at the front we now need to flip the piece of wood over and mark out the 3/8 of a inch from the cut out that we have just created. Draw from the marks again to join up all the marks and create a square around the cut out.

Step 7: Measuring for Dept of Cut and Cutting the Rebate

Now you need to measure the thickness of the Perspex, hardboard and paper. Put in a straight cutting bit into the router and you need to get the depth of the cut to the same as you measured in this stage. Clamp the piece of wood down and then you need to route the wood up to the line that you drew on in the previous stage. As the cutting bit is round you will not be able to get to the corners but get as close as you can and then leave a bit that can be chiselled out at after you have routed the grove out.

Step 8: Cutting Hardboard

All you need to do with this is place you piece of Perspex on top of the hardboard and then mark around it and then cut this out with the scroll saw.

Step 9: Cutting the Inside Decorative Piece

For this stage pick a decorative bit for your router and set a depth that will just create a slight decorative look to the side part of the picture frame and then cut this out.

Step 10: Sanding and Finishing

Now you need to go over the whole piece with a sander to try and get it as smooth as possible. Once you have everything smooth put a coat of sanding sealer onto the wood. Once this has dried I then finished it off with some caretakers balm and polished it up with a rag.

Step 11: Applying the Clips and Finishing Off.

One of the last things to do is to apply the clips that will hold all of the hardboard and picture in place. Place one of the clips on each side of the back just tight enough that the clip turns but is tight. Attach a photo clip that will be used to hand the picture onto the wall. Then place the Perspex into the rebate then the picture and finally the hardboard and turn the butterfly clips and you have finished your photo frame.

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