Introduction: Natural Insects and Mosquito Repellent Less Than $1

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In summer we can't live peacefully because of mosquitos and Insects.This is natural insects repellent made with water and naphthalene.It will also work as air purifier.It's cost is only$0.6 per month.It's better than any other mosquito killer and repellents and eco-friendly too.It has no side effects unlike the other repellents and insect killers.I kept it in a place of my room and didn't see any mosquitos and insects for a month. It is very cheap and you can also try to make it to get rid of mosquitos and insects

Step 1: Method

Things that will be needed:

1.A bowl

2. 50 ml water

3.20 gram camphor/Naphthalene

Method:1.Take the bowl and pour 50 ml water in the bowl

2.Put 20 gram camphor in the water

Now it is ready.Put the Bowl in a place of your room.Your room will be free from insects and mosquito.Please vote me if you like my project

Step 2: How It Works

Water will evaporate slowly with aroma of camphor and the mosquito's and insects gene code van't defend the aroma .So they go out from your room.

Step 3: How to Make It More Effective

According to my test it can be made more effective by adding warm water instead of normal water because it will evaporate faster than normal water.You can also add a dc fan like the picture to make it more effective.You can run the fan with 9 volt battery.

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