Introduction: Natural Alternative to Ice Cream

When it comes to RAW food, there are lots of options to choose.

My choice is always Cantaloupe as it tastes like an Ice cream. The trick is to refrigerate and eat cold.

Things needed -

- 1 Cantaloupe

- Spoon

- Knife

1. Keep the fruit in refrigerator for atleast 8 hours.

2. Cut the fruit into half as shown in the picture.

Step 1: Remove Seeds

3. Scoop out the seeds using the spoon.

Step 2: Enjoy

4. Start enjoying the fruit using the spoon.

The cold temperature makes the fruit taste better and even the texture makes it feel like an ice cream. When ever you are tempted to eat an ice cream try this and see it if works... for those who are in diet plan, this will be the best alternative to ice cream.

Also the slightly thick skin makes it perfect to hold the fruit without squeezing it. The bowl shape makes it easy and overall it doesn't cause huge mess.

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