Natural Cork Baseboards

Introduction: Natural Cork Baseboards

Use whole corks for a natural baseboard, complementing installed cork floors.

Step 1: Collect Corks From Friends, Restaurants, Etc.

You're going to need a lot! Try to get natural, wine orks. A few champagne corks. are OK> So are a few pressed corks. You can see the compressed corks because they look like the equivalent of pressboard or particleboard of corks, rather than a solid piece of corks. Look for interesting logos, and avoid logos you don't want to see (or just make sure you can turn those around.

Wine stains, as long as they are subtle, may offer a nice natural feel to your wall, or you may want to avoid the pinker of the corks.

Step 2: Glue Corks

Install corks using an available adhesive. I found an old tub of tile adhesive at the local rebuilding store. This has worked well, though you may want to try a less volatile adhesive, which will be healthier for you and for the environment. I used this because it was essentially a waste-product. So it is not recycled, but it is sourced from the waste stream.

Install the corks in a running bond layout, as you would bricks. Use a utility knife to cut corks. Be sure not to makecuts too obvioud by cutting through logos and installing them visibly.

Running bond meets at corner as pictured.

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