Natural Oil Treatment for Hair to Make It Shinier and Softer




Introduction: Natural Oil Treatment for Hair to Make It Shinier and Softer

This oil treatment takes a bit of effort but the results are worth it!!! It makes your hair shinier (not the greasy type of shiny but the my-hair-belongs-in-an-ad-hair-products type of shiny!) and softer and it last for about a week:) The first image is after I did it and the second is my before picture.

Step 1: Prepare the Oil

Heat up 1/4 cup oil. I used regular olive oil for cooking but you can also use almond and coconut oil.

Step 2: Put It in Your Hair

When the oil is boiling smear the oil into your hair using gloves so you shouldn't burn your hands. Put it in throughout your hair including the top of your head but don't get to close to your forehead. You can pin your hair up to prevent oil stains. After 1/2 hour brush your hair then leave it alone for another 1/2 hour.

Step 3: Shower!!!!

After the oil was in your hair for a full hour shower using no conditioner. It takes a long time for the oil to come out so you can use dishwashing soap to get it out quicker and then shampoo. Your hair should not feel smooth in the shower; it should feel very rough. You'll have to put shampoo in your hair a few times and you may even need to take another shower if it's still oily the next morning.

Step 4: Pet Your Soft and Shiny Hair :)

When you get all the oil out you can take a normal shower with conditioner then enjoy your awesomely soft and shiny hair:)  Please write if you have any questions or comments, and please vote for me!!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    You can use coconut milk to moisturize and strengthen hair. To apply it massage it into your scalp and brush it through your hair with your fingers. Then wrap your hair in a towel and let it sit for an hour or two. The longer it sits the more deeply it penetrates. I hope you find this useful!

    this is a great one... oil is wonderful for hydrating hair but how about cocoanut milk?? You must check this out!!