Introduction: Naturally Flavored Mint Whipped Cream

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If you like baking you know that mint is an excellent addition to many desserts. I particularly love the flavour of mint and chocolate.

Have you heard about this plant called chocolate mint? It smells and tastes like mint with a little bit of chocolate. And like all the mint plants is very easy to sow.

I'm going to teach you how to flavour whipped cream without any extract. Just using the leaves. And even though this time I'm using chocolate mint, any mint will work as well.

Step 1: ​ Gather Your Ingredients

Whipped cream

7 or more mint leaves

A dessert you want to take to the next level. I made these mini chocolate pies.

Step 2: Rinse and Cut

Start by rinsing the leaves with hot water. The hottest temperature you can handle.

Stack the leaves, roll them up.

Carefully slice the roll of leaves as thin as you can.

Now you should have very small pieces of mint, but if you find big chunks just cut them.

Step 3: Mix

Add them to the whipped cream. I like 9 big leaves per cup of whipped cream.

But feel free to adjust that ratio.

Just make sure to mix it slowly, fold the leaves into the mix, so that the whipped cream doesn't loss air.

Step 4: Have Fun

Now that it's ready you can use it in your favourite dessert.

It's amazing in this chocolate-mint cream pies. But I also love it with brownies, chocolate cake and even hot chocolate.


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