Introduction: Nature Park(scene)

This park is designed to provide gathering for people and to experience the beauty of nature.

Step 1: Water Fountain

  • First of all, a bottom basin is made ,for that a cone is taken and adjusted its base radius to 11.01 mm and top radius to 9.77 mm ,then made a duplicate of it ,aligned to top as a hole and grouped them together.
  • Other basins are made by placing a hole with a box in half sphere and the water effect is given by another sphere
  • Finally, all basins are connected .Bottom basin is connected by a cone and upper basins by cylinder.

Step 2: Swing

  • Here, two cylinders are taken and adjusted its size for the vertical support. Another cylinder is taken and a top rail hanger is made.
  • For making swing, two galvanized chains are connected to the top rail support and a swing seat is connected to the bottom of chains.
  • Galvanized chains are made by connecting torus and a swing seat by a box.

Step 3: Bench

Here, the benches are made by all boxes .

First, adjust the box width to 1.29 mm, breadth to 1.59 mm, height to 5.40 mm and duplicate four times for making its legs.

Above the legs another box is kept horizontally for making a seat ,then a backrest is made by placing the box vertically above the seat.

Step 4: Flowering Shrubs

It is made by a roof and spheres.

At first ,spheres size is adjusted then inserted to the roof to get a flowering effect

Step 5: Tree

Wood of the tree is made by a cylinder and leaves by keeping the cones above the cylinder.

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