Introduction: Nature Walk Science Eggs

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Instead of using eggs for Easter, lets create our own. By going on a nature hike and collecting artifacts you can create a beautiful Easter display that is educational too. When you are done you will be able to celebrate the Big Spring Whoop Tee Doo with family, friends, and Shea Shea. (Make sure you have an Adult assist you with the collecting and cutting)


2 pieces of paper (8 X 11)

Elmer's School Glue or Hot Glue

Cardboard pieces



Nature artifacts (Have an Adult supervise you. Remember to collect responsibly. Only take a little. Never hurt nature)

Step 1: Fold a Piece of Paper Horizontally and Cut Out an Egg Shape.

You can decide on the size. This will form your template for cutting the cardboard.

Step 2: Draw Egg Shape on Cardboard

Step 3: Cut Egg Shape Out of Cardboard (Have an Adult Supervise or Help)

You can determine the size and shape you would like.

Step 4: Go on a Nature Walk or Walk Around Your Yard and Find Material to Decorate With. (Have an Adult Supervise You. Remember to Collect Responsibly. Do Not Take Too Much of Something That Will Hurt Nature)

Any item that looks interesting or beautiful to you can be used.

Step 5: Take This Time to Scientifically Examine Each Artifact That You Collected.

Examine the texture, color, shape, and structure of each artifact. Use resources such as: ( to learn about the items you collected.

Step 6: Now It Is Time to Place Your Artifacts on Display.

Use the Egg that you create to scientifically show off your artifacts. You may even display them to educate others.

Step 7: Cover As Much of the Egg's Front Surface With Nature Artifacts That You Have Collected.

Try to get as many different varieties of artifacts on each egg as possible.

Step 8: Now Decorate Your Egg.

Step 9: Create a Display Stand for Your Nature Walk Egg

Take a piece of cardboard that is the same height and width as your egg. Bend along the center line vertically (use a table edge). Draw a check mark on each side of the fold. Cut out the line you drew. Set egg on stand as pictured.

Step 10: Display Your Egg. Share With Others What You Learned About the Artifacts You Collected.