Introduction: Naughty Zipper

Team Project: I-Ching and Sanoop

The next gen series of useless machines, NAUGHTY ZIPPER.

The machine that pulls down zippers when you're not around. The basic idea of this project is to grasp knowledge of electronic sensors and to utilize it appropriately :D. The following requires basic knowledge of electronic prototyping with platforms such as Arduino and some crafting skills.

# what can this machine achieve?

This machine suites for super hot guys who want to expose their muscles and confidence.

Keep your jacket staying open to reveal your true inner confident self,utilizing swift automation of zipper.

Also equipped with additional sensors to prevent unexpected zipper moments when in close proximity to another friend or partner.

The machine continuously checks the position of zipper to decide the extent to which it must remain open and operates only when people are some distance away .

Step 1: Get the Things You Need

# Things you need :

- Clothes T-shirt - ( any thing with a zipper or attach an extra zip )

PS. It is also fun to put a photo of your friend's face or someone on the body !

- A cloth hanger -

- Strong Wooden frame / Thick Wooden element -

- Nuts and Bolts ( Any securing means) -

- String of sufficient strength -

- Cardboard -

- Any paper waste or balloon -

PS. if you want to make a body and let it look strong :D we also did a female version , but it was a bit controversial , so we gave up the idea .

# Metal Clips Tools needed :

- Drilller Cutter -

- Saw cutting / Mat /Ruler /Tape -

#Hardware Required :

- Arduino Kit -Nema 17 stepper motor -

- Easy drive controller motor chip -

- LEDs -

- Ultrasonic Sensor -

- Breadboards -

- Resistors -

- Extra length wire -

- 12 V adapter -

Step 2: Structural Support for Hanging Clothes

- Cut a rectangular cardboard of approx size.

- Make a whole at the center to fit and fix the heavy column at the center.

- Drive nails to fix the above.

- Attach a fixing mechanism to stretch and hold the clothes on the column.

Step 3: ​Nema 17 Stepper Motor Housing

- Drill nail holes on the above base plate.
- Create a rectangular box to house the stepper motor and strongly secure it to the box using glue. Drill holes on the base with same diagram as drilled on base plate.

- Attach them using nuts and bolts.

Step 4: Securing Clothes on Support

Hang the T-Shirt / cloth on the hanger and secure them by hooking on the bottom hooks.

Attach a strong string from the zipper to the shaft of the motor.

PS :The cloth must be stretched and properly secured.

Step 5: Circuit Schematic & Electronics SetUp

# For the ultrasonic sensor (VCC, TRIG, ECHO, GND)

- Plug the VCC wire into the 5V supply on the breadboard .

- Plug the TRIG wire into pin 7 on arduino.

-Plug the ECHO wire into pin 6 on arduino.

-Plug the GND wire into the GND .

# For the Nema 17 Stepper Motor and EasyDriver

-Plug the GND on Board to the GND Plug the DIR to pin 8 on arduino .

-Plug the STEP to pin 9 onarduino.

-Connect wire from terminals marked A+ ,A- ,B+ , B- to YELLOW, GREEN, RED, BLUE wires on the stepper motor.

#For Button / external wiring on T- Shirt

Connect a button / external connection to zipper through resistance as shown in diagram to pin 2 on arduino.

Step 6: Arduino in Sketch


-Once, the arduino code and the above setup are installed, the contacts / button on the zipper provide information whether it is pulled up. The ultrasonic sensor detects your distance / presence in front of it and instructs the stepper to work / Pull down zipper when you are far / or absent in front of it.

-The button can be replaced by wire contacts directly on the T-Shirt to make it work only when the zipper is on the pulled state.

-Additional modifications can be done to enable pull down and push up of the zipper with the use of small pulleys f following set-up.

Step 7: Warm Up - Set It All Together

Ready for the try? put everything together and double check the electronics set-up !

Step 8: Let's Rock !

Have fun with it ! And don't forget to share your naught zipper story with us !

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