Nautical Toothbrush Holder

Introduction: Nautical Toothbrush Holder

This cool project, will help you with your everyday life, whenever you need to go and grab a toothbrush, it will be there for you. Have fun, and let me know what other uses you use it for!

Step 1: Getting the Supplies

For this craft, you do not need too many things. First you need a mason jar or glass jar of any kind. Then you need any type of string, and sissors.

Step 2: Putting the Strings in Place

You may need a second person to help you do this step. First what you need to do is cut two 6-in strings. Now that you have your string ready, you can place it on the top of your opened mason jar, in any way you would like. Then as you hold down the strings, let your friend screw the top on.

Step 3: Snipping the String

You are almost done with your mason jar toothbrush holder! Now that you have put your strings in place, you can shorten them where they dangle out on the sides. Snip them until you cannot see them anymore. You're furnished product should look amazing!

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