Introduction: Nav Wolverine Blade

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Build a cool wolverine blade, which can be an awesome add-on to the wolverine costume : .

I like X men movies and love wolverine's blade, that's why I made this project.

Here is the proof of concept for the retractable mechanism, inspired by an umbrella:

MAKER. Naveen D.

LOCATION.Banjarapalya DEFY maker space.


1.Color plastic board.

2.Ice cream sticks.

  1. A cylindrical cardboard case ( I used a Whisky bottle case )
  2. Rubber band.


1.Glue gun.


Step 1: Cutting the 3 Types of Color Board

1.Take a small rectangular board and cut the board into 3 pieces like in the image.

2.Take the second (blue) board and cut that also into three pieces like in image

3.Take one more big blue board and that also cut like wolverine blade as in the last image.

Step 2: Fixing the Board

1.Take the cut white board along with another long blue board and take the blade, make a hole on the board on the edges as shown in image.

2.Use screw to fix and take one more blue board cut that and fix it as shown in the image and make an arrangement like these three.

Step 3: Fixing Hand Holder

1.Take the bottle and use it as hand holder and fix the ice cream stick to it.

2.Take a one more small white board, take the blade and fix it to that front and back.

Step 4: Fixing the Ice Cream Stick

Take the ice cream stick and take the blades, cut little notches in the wolverine blade to make the puller mechanism and stick the ice cream stick to that using the glue gun.

Step 5: Fixing the Wolverine Blade to the Hand Holder

Take the wolverine blade and take the hand holder and fix both using hot glue.

Step 6: Wolverine Blade Complete!

After finishing sticking the wolverine blade to the hand holder, this the project complete.

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