Introduction: Call of Duty 5 Nazi Zombies

In this Instructable, I will be showing you the best tactic on how to survive the mode: Nazi Zombies in Call of Duty 5, World at War.

Step 1: Starting Off

Play with other people if you can!!!!!!!!!!!!

You start off with a very lame pistol. You should start searching through all the windows, and shooting any zombies that come near. When you have enough points, go ahead and buy a M1 carbine. Finish up the rest of your pistol ammo, and start using the carbine. NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER remove the sofa on the stairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVER! If you do, it will be your end! Stay in that room until you run out of ammo or when the room is too crowded. When you run out of ammo, you need to open the door that says HELP. Open it and if you look on your left, you will find a chest, where you can get a random gun for 950 points. Don't get: M1 Garand, any snipers, or don't get the panzer(yet) . Get the flamethrower, ray guns, and machine guns, and pretty much everything else.

Step 2: Help Room

Fight zombies off in the help room, until zombies start coming in through the walls and windows. Constantly buy new guns from the chest until you have good guns. After that, head upstairs by removing the chair on the stairs in the HELP ROOM.

Step 3: Upstairs

There should be a small room directly up ahead. Go into it and stay there until the end of the round. When the round is over, go get a trench shotgun ONLY if you have sucky guns. Exit the small room, turn right, and you will see the trench outline there, and it costs 1500 points. Always stay in the room. The small room also has a small window. Always check up on it. At the end of every round, go run downstairs to the chest to get better guns. After round 13, the flamethrower gets useless, and you should really get a ray gun or a machine gun.

Step 4: Going Back Down.

Eventually you have to remove the sofa and get back down to the starting room, and then you have to be extra careful, roaming around the whole building, and trying to survive.

Step 5: Surviving Tips and Tricks

1. Don't open doors unless you have to.
2. Play with friends.
3. Don't go out after round 10 when insta-kill is on and start knifing then.
4. Get power-ups, but don't die.
5. Staying in one position helps.
6. Always revive player when needed.
7. Play with the last zombie of the round(I call him Fido), and let your friends or yourself get new guns, or repair windows.

I hope this helped!