Introduction: Ne555 Dark Sensor

Hello everybody today I'm back with a new Instructables. In this instructables I will show you how to make an Ne555 dark sensor.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Assemble the Circuit According to the Schematic

The components are:

1. Ne555 (1)

2. 9v battery and 9v battery clip (1)

3. pcb (1)

4. 1k ohm resistor (2)

5. 10k ohm resistor (1)

6. 100k ohm resistor (1)

7. LDR (1)

8. LED (1)

9. 10nF capacitor (2)

After buying all of the components, then connect everything according to the schematic.

Step 3: The Explanation

2. The LDR. How does the sensor works? The sensor works by creating a voltage divider. the Ne555 will only works when pin 4 is high else it will not works. The characteristic of the sensor is that when there's light, the resistance will be low. But if there's no light, then the resistance will be high.

3. The power supply. The supply for the circuit comes from a 9v battery. for ease of use, I use a terminal so I can connect a 9v supply from other sources.

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