Introduction: Neatly Wrap Cords Without Ties or Tangles

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The goal: a way to wrap up cords (headphones, power, etc.) without ties or Velcro straps that's fast, doesn't come undone, and is quick to undo. Here's one method, any better suggestions?

More guides:

Video showing a slow iPod headphone wrap and unwrap:

Video of power cord wrap:

Step 1: Make Figure 8 Loops...

Leave about 2 figure 8 loops of wire left to wrap around the middle.

Step 2: Wrap Around the Middle a Couple Times

The key to this whole method is crossing the wire over itself in the first middle wrap. Otherwise the whole thing will easily come undone.

Step 3: String the Loose End Thru the Loop...

Step 4: Give a Quick a Pull to Secure

Step 5: Voila!