Introduction: Nebula Bottle Necklace

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Glass bottle charm with cork (this one has a ring in the cork)

Cotton ball


Stirring thingy (I used a paper clip because I couldn't find anything else on hand)

Food coloring

Hot glue gun

Leather cord

Step 1: STEP 1- Prep the Cotton

Take the cotton ball and carefully pull pieces off, you should get about 4-5 pieces.

Take 2 pieces of cotton and push it into the bottle, you may need to use the stirring thing.

Step 2: STEP 2- Add Glue

Add a little bit of glue to the bottle. Now, I completely forgot to add the cotton to the bottle first (I'm an idiot and was trying REALLY hard to take good pictures).

Now, you don't want to add too much glue, just enough to cover the cotton.

Step 3: STEP 3- Add Color

Add a drop of food coloring to the mix. You can add more if you want to make the color darker, I added only a single drop and got a reddish-pink color.

Step 4: STEP 4- GLITTER!

Add a LITTLE BIT of glitter. Now, the glitter I added was made of big pieces, you'll get a better look if you use fine glitter. Anyway, make sure to add a little bit, add too much and it'll look bad.

Step 5: STEP 5- More Glue

Add more glue.

Step 6: STEP 6- Mix

Mix the stuff together. The cotton may clump up and need to be shaken loose, don't worry.

Step 7: STEP 7- Glue Again

More glue.

Step 8: STEP 8- Cork and Turn

Cork the bottle and turn it around, coating the insides with glue. You can shake it up if you want.

Step 9: STEP 9

Add the rest of the cotton, then add some more glue. Mix it all up. By now you should have the bottle mostly full. If not add enough glue to almost fill it, you may also need to add more cotton if you do this. Once the bottle is nearly full add a little more glitter then put the cork on and shake it.

Step 10: STEP 10- Seal the Bottle

Seal the bottle with the hot glue gun. A little around the edge worked for me. If you want you could remove the cork, add some hot glue to the underside, and recap, its up to you.

Step 11: STEP 11- Add Cord and DONE!

Run the leather cord through the ring on the cork. Cut it off at the length you want, tie it up, and enjoy!

You can see the large pieces of glitter in the bottle, this is why I mentioned using finer glitter.