Introduction: Necklace Display Using Reclaimed Wood and Steel Piping

I have been keeping my eye out for something pretty to display/store/organize all of my necklaces for quite a while. I wanted something that could a) accommodate any number and size of items; b) mount to the wall to keep down surface clutter; c) look appealing. There are plenty of jewelry holders that are pretty, but don't hold very many items, or hold only short items, or crowd everything too close together, or... There are also other displays that are very practical, but uninspired. So, I decided to make my own. My design uses reclaimed wood paneling and some pipe fittings from the local hardware store.

Step 1: Reclaimed Wood Paneling As the Base

I could have just mounted the metal rack assembly directly to the wall, but I prefer something a little less utilitarian. I made a decorative plaque as a mount for the rack. Use any material that appeals to you. Choose dimensions that will work for you. This is some paneling that came out of the back bedroom. It's 2 pieces thick to make it nice and sturdy. I was afraid a single thickness would crack and split and warp - its pretty light and thin. This one is 30" long to accommodate the size of the pipe fittings I chose (2 rods at 12" long + a T fitting and 2 end caps).

Step 2: Embellish

Here, the glued paneling has cured. I decided not to take off the tongue and groove, and not add any additional trim. It gives it a more rustic/primitive feel. To finish it, I simply covered it with a coat of left over interior latex paint and stenciled on some perched birds. Finally, I painted the birds black - silhouette style. If you use fancier wood, maybe you could stain it, and you don't have to paint a decoration like mine. Embellish it however you desire!

Do you have a bedazzler?

Maybe you like owls better than these silly little birds.

Swirls? Dots? Collage? Decoupage?

The sky is the limit!

Step 3: Assemble and Mount

The steel piping assembly includes:

1 - floor flange

4 - screws

1 - nipple (I chose the shortest one I could find. The longer the nipple, the further the display will extend out from the wall.)

1 - T (I suppose you could use just an elbow or any fitting you like to make some sort of crazy geometry.)

2 - pipes (I used 12" pipes. You can choose from a variety of lengths starting at 3", and they don't have to be symmetrical. Also, you can always buy a length of piping, cut custom lengths and thread the ends yourself.)

2 - end caps

I chose fittings and piping in 3/8" diameter. It's the smallest diameter they had, and was the best scale for my project. There are a variety of diameters to choose from and mix and match. Just double check and make sure all your pieces will fit together.

Step 4: Load It Up

I like the look of the silly little birds perched on the piping.

I can see all my necklaces. I can group them and organize them however I want, they are not crowded, and are easy to get on and off.

Thank you for reading through my very first Instructable! I hope you've enjoyed it!

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