Introduction: Necklace Holder With a Spin

This is a cool way to hang up necklace's, and get rid of old records. 

My friend really loves 80's music, we are always going downtown to pick out records. She also has many necklace's that do not have a place to rest. So I two things that she likes and put them together for a one of a kind gift for the holidays

This has great form and functionality.

Step 1: Materials and Tool


        > About 5 larger records for the back.

        > 4-6 small records

        > 1/8" rivets

        > All purpose cement and plastic glue

        > 1/4" plywood for backing


          > Craftsman heat gun

         > Craftsman Drill with 1/8" drill bit

         > Rivet Gun

         > Wood burner

         > Craftsman Pliers 

         >Craftsman Jig saw

Step 2: Cutting the Plywood

Lay out the larger records for the backing. Once you have done that take and cut out the plywood so that it does not over hang past the records from the front. 

Give a light sanding around the edges so there are no splinters from cutting. 

Step 3: Glue Records Onto Plywood

For this step use the all purpose cement or, any type of glue that works on plastic should work. Also make sure to spread glue where the records overlap. 

Step 4: Making and Attaching the Smaller Records

For the "hooks" to hold the necklace's take a smaller record and start by using the heat gun to soften the center from top to bottom of the record. With the record soft bent it around the pipe into the shape of a "V."  Let it cool and move onto the next step. 

I found that if the record is heated up and becomes very soft, after it cools back down it is very brittle, play around with this step a little to see what works the best and to get a feel for how the records react.

Step 5: Making the Hooks

It is helpful to have the wood burner very hot. That way there is a smoother cut. What you want to do it make "U" shaped cuts. I made two on each side of the record. 

Step 6: Attaching the Smaller Records

Once you have made all the holders form the smaller records go ahead and arrange them in such a way so that when a necklace is places on them it wont inter-fear with the other holders.

Use glue and rivets to attach them. 

Step 7: Hanging Wire

There are a few ways that one could attache this to the wall. I decided to use a wire that I had laying around. 

I drilled holes so that I could tie it off.

Step 8:

Once you have done all those steps you will have a nice unique necklace holder. That will surly will be loved by who ever get it, or it would also look great in your own place. 

On a side note RCA records seam to work very well. 
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