Introduction: Necklace Shelves

I don't know about you, but my necklaces and bracelets usually end up in a tangled, horrible mess in my jewelery box. And then I never wear them, because I don't feel like untangling them.

Enter: the necklace shelf! It fills in an empty space on my wall that has been staring at me, and reminds me that I should really wear some of this jewelry some time.

- 4" wide wood (6" long per shelf)
- push-pin style wall hooks
- screws and appropriate wall mounting method
- glue
- stain
- small nails

- ruler/measuring tape
- saw
- hammer
- drill
- sand paper 

Step 1: Cut the Wood, Sand, and Pre-drill

I made my shelves 5" deep, with a 1" piece below for the hooks, and I made four shelves at once.

1) Measure out, and mark your length of wood.
2) Hold the wood still in some way and cut out your pieces.
3) Sand off the rough edges and any corners that you would like rounded
4) Decide where the 1" piece will be attached to the wall and pre-drill some small holes. I also drilled a larger diameter hole to allow the screws I was using to sit flush with the wood.

Step 2: Stain and Assemble the Shelf

I stained my pieces first, and then glued them together. If you're concerned about the load capacity of the shelf, I would suggest gluing before staining.

1) Stain the pieces with enough coats to get the colour you like.
2) I first hammered two small nails into the top of the 5" piece.
3) Apply glue to both pieces.
4) Line up the pieces and hammer the nails into the top edge of the 1" piece.
5) Scrape away excess glue. Clamp lightly if you want to while the glue dries.

Step 3: Attach Hooks

Once the glue for the shelf is dry, insert your push-pin hooks into the 1" piece, spaced evenly.

Step 4: Wall Mount and Add Jewelery

Attach your shelves to the wall with an appropriate method. Mine are in drywall, and not carrying much load, so I used plastic wall anchors.

Organize your jewelery, add something nice to the top of the shelves, and enjoy a little less clutter and a little more wall art!

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